Pick of the Day – Advice for Potential Hajji’s

I have noticed from my blog stats that I am getting quite a lot of traffic from people searching for Hajj packages online. I hope that they read what I have said in the page on naming and shaming bad Hajj Tour Operators.  

By far the best piece of advice that I can give is to go by recommendation as previous hajji’s will give you first hand experience of how they were treated and how well the package was run. I know many people that have been via recommendations from friends and family and they came back as happy as those that gave the recommendation. 

Also make sure that you do your homework and learn the Fiqh of Hajj and maybe watch a DVD that takes you through the rites and rituals. I know it helped for me as I didn’t have to ask everyone else in the group what I need to do at the appointed times. And finally make lots of Dua for those of us that you will be leaving behind as we are in need of your Duas. 

Was Salaam 


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