A Mercy to Mankind – Muhammad: The Chosen One

As it is the month of Rabi’ Al Awwal, I would like to try and compose a poem/rhyme dedicated to Our Master Muhammad (Alayhis Salam).

I shall start with a few short verses, and then every day of the month, I shall try and add to it at least one line, in honour and praise of Our Messenger (Alayhis Salam).


01 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
As a Mercy to Mankind
You were sent
Muhammad – the Chosen One
For whom the eyes wept

02 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
Raised in the holiest plains
Nurtured by the purest of hearts
Purified by the Angels
Destined to surpass the stars

03 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You lost your parents early
To the orphans you were a mercy
Those who met you, loved you
Those who didn’t, felt awe of you

04 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
Your beauty was surpassed by none
Your character: immaculate
They named you Al-Amin
The trustworthy one that God sent

05 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You showed us strength through your endurance
Patience through times of difficulty
You stood up for those oppressed and weak
You were the hero of those in need

06 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
Handsome, you were truly
More radiant than the Moon and the Sun
Sweet smells emanated from your body
And your sweat, like pearls they shone

07 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You taught us how to live
A life that is pleasing to Allah
Even though you had very little
You lived a life full of Baraka

08 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You lived a life or remembrance
Of all things important
Remembrance of Allah, of Death
Of the Hereafter, and of your Ummah
Were all pertinent

09 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You were like a father to the youth
A brother to your companions
You were there for everyone
Even the child that held your hands
And took you on a search
For her doll that she had lost

10 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
The best of creation
Seal of all Prophets
It was you that Allah chose
To complete His Message

11 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
The world will never know
Another like you
The denier’s may deny
But for us
You will always bear the Truth

12 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
In this Month
Over 1400 years ago
You were sent with a Message
To all the people of the World

A Message of Hope
Filled with glad tidings
For the believers in you
In public and in hiding

The Final Testament
Confirming the Revelations of old
A Guidance for Mankind
Until the blowing of the Horn

13 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You conveyed His Message wholly
As attested to by your followers
No part did you leave out
Nor did you add anything to the scripture

14 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
Your generosity knew no bounds
Nor did your kindness and mercy
Your heart went out to everyone in your midst
The good, the bad and even the ugly (hearted)

15 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
Your Sunna is our guide
Through our happiness and our sorrows
Whatever the situation
It is your Sunna that we follow

16 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
At the age of forty
You received revelation
At first you were afraid
But then you found consolation
With your wife Khadija
The first to believe
She never left your side
With her you found relief

17 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
The prophecy of Bahira
Came to be true
The words of Waraqa
Were fulfilled through you
Your people went against you
Even though you were on the Haqq
They turned you out of your home
But you were destined to return back

18 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
The five daily prayers
Were a gift to your community
They hold the value of fifty prayers
In the five that we pray daily

19 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You were an answer to the prayer
That Ibrahim (AS) made
Your lineage is noble
Through Isma’il, Adnan and
The lords of Quraysh

20 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
In the Isra’ & Mi’raj
You were taken to the heavens
Beyond the Lote Tree
And the uppermost limit

You met your Lord
Who bestowed you with gifts
You met the Prophets
And conveyed to them your greetings

They prayed behind you
You were their Imam
That position you shall hold
All throughout the land

You saw the punishments
Of those who did wrong
You saw the delights
Of the good doers, one and all

You returned home strong
Reinvigorated in your faith
More determined to convey the Truth
As you relayed to them your tale

21 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
From Makkah to Madina
You were forced to make Hijra
Abu Bakr as your companion
And the enemies chasing after

You walked the desert plains
Passing through with care
Allah as your aid
You were never afraid

Tala ‘Al Badru ‘Alayna
Was the song that they sang
As you entered the enlightened city
Was the only feeling in the land

22 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
Ibn Mas’ud, Abu Huraira, Bilal Al Habashi
Khadijah, A’isha, Hafsa, Umm Salama
Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali
Zaynab, Fatima, Asma, Safiyyah

Just a few of the names
Of the characters that you built
The individuals that Allah chose
As your companions and your kin

23 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You protected the slave
From his master
The weak one
From the oppressor
You were the standard bearer of Justice
For every case
You had the answer

24 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
They were your companions
But you called us your brothers
We yearn for the meeting with you
At the Hawd in the next world
Where no believer will be wronged
As you quench our thirst
Your intercession we shall seek
As we look forward to that day
When you we shall meet (insha Allah)

25 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You taught us to Read
Even though you were unlettered
You taught us to see with the inner eye
Your vision: unfettered

26 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
If we send one blessing on you
We get ten blessings in return
The value of Salawat
Is immense in its virtue

So send much Salawat
Oh believers in Allah
To the Prophet, His companions
His Family and All

27 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You were their strength
When they felt weak
You were their courage
When their cowardice set in
You gave them hope
Though the numbers were thin
And with this
They gained victory within

28 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
You were prophecised in the Torah
And in the Gospels
As the latter day Prophet
The Final One
None will come after you
Any claimant to Prophethood
Will be a lying foolfool

29 Rabi’ Al Awwal 1435H
So may the Peace
And Blessings
Of Allah be upon you
From the moment
You were sent
To the time
When the setting of the sun in the east
Comes true

May the Ummah be blessed
Due to your presence amongst them
May we all have the strength
To follow your Sunnah
Both women and men

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