Their Name Is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World

In his book ‘Their Name Is Today: Reclaiming Childhood in a Hostile World’ author Johann Christoph Arnold stands up for children and the rights of childhood.

He advocates for the preservation of the innocence of children in world where children are constantly exposed to adult themes. He talks of the pressures applied on children from a very young age to excel academically without having had the chance to learn through play and interpersonal interactions with other children and adults. He talks of children that our sidelined and outcast, bereft of opportunities because the system doesn’t know how to cope with them. He mentions the dangers of the media and the exposure that young children have to magazines, satellite television, the internet and so on and how these are shaping the way they think and behave moreso than the teaching they receive at home or in school.

The author brings anecdotal examples from his experience as a teacher, mentor, educator, counsellor and a father to show how, with a little consideration, love and gentleness, we can give children the wonderful childhood that every child deserves.

He implores adults to see the world through a child’s eyes and to learn from their innocence, their genuineness, their sincerity, their curiosity and so on. He asks us to see each child as a unique miracle of God and to nurture the special qualities that they possess.

Below are some quotes from the book that I have shared previously on our Facebook Page:

‘Experts inform us that overpopulation is destroying earth. I disagree: greed and selfishness are ruining the planet, not children.’

‘Obviously, it is impossible to live without money and material goods, and every household must have its provider and its plans for the future. But ultimately it is the love we give our children, and not the material things, that will remain with them for life.’

‘As a teenager, I grumbled about the never-ending chores, but my parents had no pity. And in retrospect I am grateful. I see now how their insistence taught me self-discipline, concentration, perseverance, and the ability to carry through – all things you need to be a father.’

‘If we are going to protect innocence in a child, we need to cleans our own hearts of pollution.’

Children are the generation of the future and therefore if we can make a positive change in the children of today than tomorrow will be a better day.

The book is available for free in the UK from the following website. I think that every parent, educator, mentor and anyone involved with young people should read it. I found it to be a very insightful read.

Abu Zaynah


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