Arabic Books Required

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

Is there anyone that can help me get hold further copies of the following books in Arabic. I live in the UK and am trying to obtain around 3 copies each of the book. I am happy to pay the full price and the shipping costs from wherever it is I can get them.

The books are as follows:

Al La Madhabiyya – Shaykh Said Ramadan Al-Buti 

 Mafahim – Shaykh Muhmmad bin ‘Alawi Al-Maliki
Haqaiqan Al-Tasawwuf – Shaykh Abdul Qadir Isa
Sayyiduna Muhammad Rasul Allah (SAW) – Shaykh AbdAllah Sirajuddin

I know Sunnipubs have a few of the titles, but they don’t have all of them.

Please e-mail me on if you can assist.

Was Salam


Islamopedia Books Update!

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

Hope and pray that you are well.

Islamopedia Books is growing its catalogue slowly and we just wanted to inform you of some of the new titles that have been added:

Realities of Sufism by Shaykh Abdul Qadir ‘Isa
Minhaj Al ‘Abidin by Imam Al Ghazzali

We have also added some arabic title to our collection:

Abwab Al Faraj by Shaykh Muhammad b. ‘Alawi Al Maliki

Mafahim Yajib An Tusahhah by Shaykh Muhammad b. ‘Alawi Al Maliki
La Madhabiyya – Shaykh Said Ramadan Al Bouti

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Please keep us in your Duas

Was Salam

Islamopedia Books