Top Writing Tips by Muslim Authors #02

Our second post on the Top Tips for Writing comes from the talented Shoohada Khanom.

Shoohada is on her way to releasing four brand new titles in the coming weeks with an online launch of her books taking place on Sunday 30th July 2017.

Reading mainstream picture books was one of the many inspirations for Shoohada to begin her writing career, and she landed herself with not one, two or even three, but four publishing contracts with Djarabi Kitabs Publishing.

Kamillah the Butterfly

“Reading tons of mainstream picture books definitely inspired me to write. The more I read, the more I thought about how wonderful it would be to have good, quality picture books for Muslims. Ones that are fun to read and most important look like mainstream books. I never ever in a million years thought I’d be a writer, the urge to write came shortly after, out of the blue.”

Little Blue Skater Boy

On being asked what her top 3 tips for writing are, this is what she had to say:

  1. Just Write – “My first tip would be to write, just write!  When I first started out writing, I preferred to use pen and paper and I still do to some extent. Now, I use my phone for quick write ups and first drafts. So I would say find what works best for you and start writing.”

  2. Read – “My second tip would be to read, read the genre you’re writing for. Read best sellers, visit your local library and talk to the librarian. Find out what’s popular, what are people borrowing. You can also follow reviewers on social media and see what they’re all talking about and recommending. Try and read a book or two on how to write. I’ve read a handful of books on writing and I’m still open to reading more. They will give you a good break down in steps and things to expect on your journey, from writing to publishing.”

  3. Use Beta Readers – “My third and final tip would be to find some beta readers. Preferably some writers, it’ll be nice to share your journey with others on the same path. Beta readers will give you feedback on your manuscript, you don’t have to take it all on board, but do take on the feedback that you feel will make your story stronger. I have been blessed to find people from all walks of life who help me with my stories, Alhamdulillah.”

Who could I be

Today a mother of six, Shoohada lives a busy life, splitting her days between her writing and her motherly responsibilities. Thank you to Shoohada for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide the above writing tips.

You can pre-order Shoohada’s books on Amazon by using the following link:

You may also follow her progress on her blog and her social media sites. You can get updates on the book launch at Djarabi’s facebook page linked below:


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Top Writing Tips by Muslim Authors #01

Islamopedia has teamed up with some awesome Muslim Authors to bring you their inspiration and top tips for writing.

Each week we will share an author, their books, and their top tips for writing / publishing culminating in a final list of top tips to be published at the end of the series.

We hope that you find these posts beneficial, and perhaps it may inspire you into putting your own pen to the paper.

The Muslims

The first to feature in these posts is Ahmad Philips the creator of the comic strips and cartoon series The Muslims.

Ahmad says, “My greatest inspiration for writing is seeing the materials that are popular but have immoral teachings in them. I don’t want my kids wanting to be gods or magicians or superheroes. I want to create material that can be entertaining, teach Islam, and be an act of ibadah for me.”

So when we asked Ahmad for his top 3 tips for budding Muslim Authors this is what he had to say:

(1) Just write. If you’re to write for 10 or 20 years, for sure your writing will get better. Don’t worry about writing a masterpiece. Just keep writing.

(2) Stay focused. Remove all distractions. Put your phone on silent, and turn off your Wi-Fi. If you have roommates or family make sure they know not to disturb you. Likely they’ll disturb you even more!  Finding those few hours in the day when everyone is asleep might be key.

(3) No excuses. It’s easy to come up with a million reasons why you can’t do something. I have no time, I lack the tools, I don’t know what to write etc.; No excuses, just do it!

You can check out Ahmad’s first Graphic Novel ‘The Muslims’ on the website . The book is also available via Amazon and other outlets.

Ahmad’s artwork will also be featuring in our forthcoming title ‘The Young Explorers’ Adventures in Madinah’ insha Allah.

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Book Review – We Love to Play Pray

WLTPP-front-cover-600x677Title: We Love to Play Paray

Authors: Nurah Tape and Zaahied Sallie

Publishers: Red Kufi Books

Pages: 28

We Love to Play Pray is a children’s book about a young boy named Suhaib who is intrigued about the prayer after witnessing his mother on the prayer rug making Salah.

As she finishes the Salah, he begins asking her questions about what she was doing, to which she responds by teaching him about the prayer and Salah.

This gives the boy an idea for a new game which they call ‘Play Pray’ and along with his siblings Yusuf and Maryam, they set up a makeshift Musalla area in their bedrooms to play.

They dress up in thobes and turbans and hijabs and pretend to pray in the Masjid. One sibling calls the Adhan, whilst another sibling pretends to be the Imam and in this way, under the supervision of their mother, they play and learn about the prayer at the same time.

WLTPP-Back-cover-600x600They learn about the names of the five daily prayers, about the timings of the prayers, they learn about the Ka’bah as the Qibla and many other aspects of the Salah.

The book is well written, easy to read, and accompanied with colourful illustrations to engage readers both young and old. We Love to Play Pray is a book that you will definitely enjoy reading with your children.

Next time you want to teach your children about Salah, why not do it via a game of ‘Play Pray.’ 

We love to Play Pray

Play Pray

Play Pray

We love to Play Pray

Every Single Day 

To get your copy, visit Red Kufi Books @:!/We-Love-to-Play-Pray/p/60141061/category=16658002