Jum’uah in a Church Hall

I have just returned having prayed Jumua in the basement hall of a Church in North London. It amazed me how free we are in this country (UK) and how tolerant the people are that they allow us the use of their holy sites in order to perform our prayers. And even if they do charge a fee for it, it is still quite an amazing thing because I would be very surprised if one if our Muslim communities were to allow the use of a Mosque hall for the Christian Sunday service. Putting the Fiqh issue aside, I would still say that many Muslim’s are very narrow minded and closed off to such an idea even though there is a story that when a Christian delegation came to visit the Prophet (peace be upon him) in Medina, he allowed them to pray in the Masjid An-Nabawi.  I think many of us living in the west do not always appreciate the blessings that we enjoy such as freedom of expression and freedom of practicing our deen. May Allah keep us all well and allow us the Tawfiq to thank Him for His blessings.  Your comments are most welcome … All praises are due to Allah and may His peace and blessing be upon the Prophet, his family, his companions, and those who follow him till the end of time.

8 thoughts on “Jum’uah in a Church Hall”

  1. Asslamu alaikum
    inasha Allah islam will reach every villege in the world. iblis and satan worshipping world leaders can’t really stand this. you see i like the muslims to be aware that shytan our biggest enemy is alive and was planning is sinnister world domination and humen mis-guidance from our early days when he caused our father (Adam AS) to be kicked out from peradise. All world leaders are occultist and in dircet contact with iblis and disbleivers of the Jinn, they’re all invovled in occults iblis worshipping, black magic. and they’re planing New World Order in witch Bahai or Bahaullah(Dajjal)’s religion will be forced upon humens. research Bahai plans and their so call universal justice center on Haifa isreal and you’ll be amazed how the zionist are spending billions on this fake religion copyed from the quran with some satanism twist to it. It didn’t suprise me at all when i heard of the Bohemian Grove. Muslims need to be aware and comeback to their religion. may Allah protect us from the Dajjal and his fitnah.Aamin.

  2. Thanks for your comment Akhi, Please check the site regularly for updates and stuff and also if you could let all your contacts know, that would be very helpful for me.

    May Allah bless and reward you.

    Was Salaam

  3. hi, i was recommended this site by your wife. An excellent website, your wife is doing a great job advertising it. Keep it up and you’ll get loads of rewards, inshallah.

  4. I was told about it by brother Mamun (Shoreditch) … it’s a good place to pray as the Pre Jumua Khutba is in English and these is also a nice Chicken and Chips shop nearby … Yummy !!!

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