Pick of the Day – Talks by Imam Suhaib Webb

There are some great talks by Imam Suhaib Webb and others on the following sites. I would bookmark them and download the talks for my MP3 Player (“,)



Also don’t forget to bookmark the blog that he supervises as it is a brilliant resource for the knowledge seeker.  


Was Salaam 


4 thoughts on “Pick of the Day – Talks by Imam Suhaib Webb”

  1. Salaam-Alaikum, Jashim Bhiyah.

    You have a nice and simple site yet informative, it’s designed well and easy to browse, I did use some of your link that was very educational, you are doing a great job keep it up and hope to see more articles soon, oh give Salam to babhi she told me about your site, I am sure that a lot of people will benefit from your site, and tell her to keep inviting other people.

    I will end here bye wishing that may Allah watch over us ALL and Let’s Pray that we keep praising Allah as he is the only one worthy of all praises and we pray that he showers his blessings on Prophet Muhammad (saw), his family and his companions.

    Wa salaam

  2. Thanks for your comment Akhi, Please check the site regularly for updates and stuff and also if you could let all your contacts know, that would be very helpful for me.

    May Allah bless and reward you.

    Was Salaam

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