Discuss – Moon Sighting Vs Pre-Calculated Calanders

The confusion surrounding the night of Laylatul Bara’a (and other Muslim dates) highlights the dire need for Muslims to revert back to moon sightings. Whether local or global sightings are used, we should agree on a method and stick to it.  

Many of the Masajids in the UK celebrated the night of Bara’a on Monday (27th August 2007) night based on the pre-calculated calendars that are hung up in the homes and Masjids, not realizing that according to the moon sighting reports, Sha’ban started on Wednesday the 15th of August 2007. Therefore the 15th of Sha’ban should fall on Wednesday the 30th of August 2007 and hence Laylatul Bara’a should have been Tuesday night, 29th August 2007.  

May Allah guide us to go back to starting and ending our months via actual sighting and not basing our acts of worship on pre-calculated calendars. Insha Allah in the coming days before the controversy surrounding the start of Ramadan begins I shall be posting some links to insightful articles on the issue of moon sighting by our Shaykhs Muhammad Afifi Al-Akiti and Imam Hamza Yusuf.  

Your comments and suggestions on this issue will be much appreciated. 

Was Salaam 


One thought on “Discuss – Moon Sighting Vs Pre-Calculated Calanders”

  1. Asalaamu’alikum,

    Sunday night on the way home from Isha prayer I saw the moon nearly full, and on Monday night, I saw the moon full, hence I think 15 of Shaban started Monday night.
    Since Islamic Months are 29 or 30 and Islamic day starting Magrib, full moon day can only be 15th or 14th.

    Also my favourite site shows it’s full moon now (note it does now say it 15 or 14). It just show in terms of percentage.

    Having said that I generally go with the big Masjids of London, far as I know 7 big Masjid/Org agree on important dates (since 3+ year now), they include Central Mosque, East London/LMC, Al-Mutada, Masjid Tawheed etc.

    May Allah unite us soon.


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