Pick of the Day – Eid Mubarak


Eid Mubarak to all, although I am still yet to be convinced that it is Eid tomorrow as it would have been impossible to site the moon from the middle east today (Thursday 11 Oct 2007)

According to www.moonsighting.com it is stated that A news has come that Saudis announced Eid to be on Friday, Oct 12. Of course, it is impossible to see the moon in Saudi Arabia on Thursday.”

If you look at the new moon visibility curves on the various moon sighting websites you can see clearly that the moon can not possibly have been sighted anywhere in the middle east or anywhere in the world for that matter other than the very bottom of South America, but even there it would have been practically impossible because it is such an early moon.

I wonder what the Fiqhi position is in following such reports ???

I fail to understand how the Saudi’s have declared Eid on Friday. Please someone enlighten me if you know how the Saudi’s calculate their calendars and how they see the moon before it’s advent on their horizons.  

Eid Mubarak none the less ….

Was Salaam


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