Pick of the Day – Tribute To Malcolm X Malik El Hajj Shabazz

Tribute To Malcolm X Malik El Hajj Shabazz

Sunday 17th Febuary 2008 @5.15pm £7 entry/Tickets
The Africa Centre
38 King Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E
United Kingdom

On the day VIP guest speaker

Imam Abdul Qadir (The 1st assistant Imam to Imam Siraj Wahaj/Masjid Al Taqwa) -New York’s finest (and real) activist, Civil Rights campaigner & Anti drugs/Gangs Development worker -Who will be flying in for this event…..

Guests also include Sister Adeela Shabazz from Muslim Women’s Helpline

With entertainment(Drums/duff only -no Musical Instruments) from

Mecca2Medina (www.myspace.com/mecca2medina)
Khaleel Muhammad (tbc)
Poetic pilgrimage
The Pearls of Islam
Nomadic Poet
Baby Muslimz
Fisabililah aka Masikah
Truthful Movement
Craze Da Palestinian (Palestine’s finest Slingshot rapper will be dropping in)

More performers to be announced

4 mo info please phone 07908521673 or email thesalamproject@googlemail.com

There will be suprise Satelite link ups/webcasts from the USA…………. SHHHHHHHHH

Supported by
Crescent Moon Music, The Salam Project, Muslim Gear & www.Muslimhiphop.com

From brother Rakin of Mecca to Medina

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