What’s with all these dogs, Can they really sense fear ?

I am terrified of dogs and it seems that everytime I come across a dog in the streets or in the park it is able to sense my fear and then come charging towards me.

I have a scarey dog that lives in my block of flats and everytime it passes me or I pass it (Thank Allah it is always on a leash) it tries jumping at me or decides to start barking.

Alhamdu Lillah I have yet to be bitten by a dog, but I have been chased a number of times, the worst time being just over a year ago on my way to work, this big dog came barking at me and I ran and tripped and fell and got up and ran again until I ran into a little play area and shut the gate. Apart from the emberassment it was one of the most scariest moments of my life!

Can dogs really sense fear and is that why they keep coming after me when they see me ?

Is there a dua that can be read to keep them away ?

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