‘Issues of Controversy’ by Habib Zayn Al-Sumayt

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,


Alhamdu Lillah the following is a link to a small but beneficial booklet called ‘Issues of Controversy’ by Shaykh Sayyid Habib Zayn Al-Sumayt (Hafidhahullah). In it he clarifies the position of the scholars in relation to issues such as:




The visiting of graves

Writing amulets

The issue of Bid’a

On the Mawlid

And many more …


It is short, simple to understand and effective in its message to the Ummah. May Allah bless and reward the Shaykh for his efforts – Ameen!


Here is the link to the document:



I hope and pray that you find it as beneficial as I did.


Was Salam




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