The Circles Thread

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,


I would like to dedicate a page in my blog to regular activities that are taking place across the country and would like your help in populating this list. My particular interest is in areas where people are studying under the supervision of a Shaykh and possibly going through a text, however, it is not restricted to this and any circles of knowledge or dhikr are welcome to be posted.


Please answer the following if you wish your circle to be included on this page:


Name of the Circle:


Frequency: Weekly/Monthly/Fortnightly






Restrictions: Open to all/Registration required/Brothers only/Sisters only

Further details: Website/Contact No./Contact e-mail


Please remember I am only interested in those circles that take place on a regular (Weekly/Monthly/Fortnightly) basis throughout the year and not the odd course or event that happens occasionally.


Please use the comments box to submit details of circles.


Your assistance is much appreciated. May Allah bless and reward you highly.


Was Salam