Yusuf Islam – Roadsinger Reviews



Assalamu ‘Alaikum,


Yusuf Islam has just released his second album (after his return) ‘Roadsinger’. There have been many reviews of the album, I’ve put a few links below. Thanks to brother Masud for putting some of these up on Deenport.

Roadsinger Reviews:

By Paul Cashmere for Undercover:


By Michael Quinn for the BBC:


Neil Spencer for the Guardian:


Andy Gill for the Independent:


By Phil Gallo for LiveDaily:


The Rock Doctor:


By Mark Edwards for Times Online:


By Thom Durek for All Music:


By Lauren Maas for JamsBio Magazine:


By Simon Cosyns for the Sun:


Wang-Ziping – Muslim Patriot in China and a Martial Arts Extraordinaire

Wang-Ziping – Muslim Patriot in China and a Martial Arts Extraordinaire

“Armed with an intense fondness for life outdoors, Ziping traveled all over the countryside, allowing himself to be inspired by the grace and beauty of nature. Sufis are particularly sensitive to the beauty of creation. A verse from the Koran that is particularly beloved by Sufis reads: “Wherever you turn, there is the face of God.” They complement this with a well-known hadith of the Prophet: “God is beautiful, and He loves beauty.

Ziping hence studied with great care the movements of the birds and mammals- such as an eagle descending on its prey, a rabbit moving quickly across a prairie, a dog leaping skillfully to put itself out of danger. He absorbed all these characteristics to create a unique style of his own. His strength and reflexes allowed him to be both strong and quick- a deadly combination in Wushu.”

Read more at: http://higher-criticism.com/2005/12/wang-ziping-muslim-patriot-in-china.html