Why do Muslim Men keep their women in Hijab?

A man was once asked ‘Why is it that you muslims cover your women in Hijab?’. The Muslim man replied, ‘Where do you keep your money?’. The man said ‘in my wallet, inside of my pocket’. The Muslim man asked ‘why is it that you keep your money in your wallet and hidden from view?’. The man answered ‘because it is valuable and I don’t want it being stolen’. The Muslim man replied ‘just as your money is valuable and you keep it hidden in your pocket, our women are much more valuable and this is why we keep them hidden in hijab so that strangers can not ‘steal’ from their beauty with their evil glances’.

I heard this story in a talk and have paraphrased it myself, so any mistakes are mine, and the actual words of the conversation have been made up by me.

Was Salam


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