Alif Academy Update and Book launch

Salam everyone, just to let you know that the Alif Academy inquiry took place last week, 2 days non stop! We are confident that the outcome will go in our favour, but tawakal a’lAllah. The total legal costs have been estimated to be around £54,000.00 – Make dua.
As part of our fundraising initiative I am requesteing you all to purchase the newly released book “The Wise Old Story Book” – I’ve already acquired the book and am reading the stories to my children. This is a win, win scenario for all, as the profits from the sale of this book is being donated to Alif Academy.
I ‘ve scanned a few sample pages from the book (the blur is due to my scanner) – I think it’s fantastic, I’ve learn’t more than my kids – but I’m somewhat biased. PLEASE purchase the book from AMAZON.COM. The book price is shown to be $20 but is converted to pounds, £17ish before sale. I would also request that you leave feedback and rate the book.

Buy the book, benefit your kids, help the academy and support Muslim literature/publishing: One purchase, several rewards. I would also request that you spread this email on – make it viral.

2 thoughts on “Alif Academy Update and Book launch”

  1. MaasahaAllah a truly fantastic book. Excellent morals and messages and beautifully illustrated. I would recommend it to everyone especially those who have children. May Allah reward the author abundantly and recompense him fully on yawmul qiyaamah.

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