Chapter Eight: Changes

Chapter 8: Changes

© Abu Zaynah

That night Afsana went up to her room and locked the door shut. With tears rolling down her eyes she contemplated the evening that had just passed. Many lessons had been learnt that evening. She learnt not to put too much hope in others and that sometimes fate had other plans for a person than the one they had envisaged for themselves.

After Amjad said what he had said the conversation in the room came to an end. Samira called Mr Ahmed down as they were now done and the parents rejoined the kids back downstairs. Everyone said their goodbyes and the evening ended with a promise to keep in touch.

Amjad knew on  his way home that this was probably the first and last time he would see Afsana. That look on her face at the end of the evening said it all. She completely dissaproved of what he had done even though what he had done was not illegal in any way. It may be considered morally wrong for a Muslim but in the world of modern technology it can be easily excused as a bit of curiosity.   Seeing the upset on Afsana’s face Amjad just wanted to apologise to her if he had hurt her feelings in any way.

Having met Afsana Amjad was very touched by her modesty, her sincerety, her humility, her character and her dedication to what she believed in. He knew that even if the evening had gone well there was a good chance that she would still refuse the marriage proposal because Amjad was not as practising as Afsana with regards to the religion.

This made Amjad think deep. It made him realise how life was passing him by and he needed to get a little serious and think more about his purpose in life. Living every day as it came was no longer an option. Amjad looked up at the clock in his room. It struck 7pm. It was time for Salatul ‘Esha (the evening prayer). Unlike other evenings when he would normally pray at home, tonight Amjad went to the Masjid and prayed in congregation. After the prayer he sat down and meditated. He supplicated to Allah seeking His forgiveness and guidance. He felt surprisingly at ease at that moment. He felt a kind of spiritual rush that he had never felt before. Amjad left the Masjid feeling that he had renewed a connection with his Lord and it felt good.

Prayer Rug

Afsana completed her ‘Esha prayers and sat on the prayer rug. She wondered what Allah had in store for her in the future and wished for His blessings in all her affairs. She completed her Tasbih and resolved to change what was necessary in order to ensure that something like what happened earlier could not happen again. She folded up the prayer rug putting it on top of her chest of drawers and then turned towards her laptop which was resting on top of her bed. She switched it on knowing exactly what she needed to do.

To be continued. ..

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