Free Arabic Course – Exercise 2

السلام عليكم

Some beginners had problems to understand the English terminology I used in lesson 3, so instead of answering them only I thought for the benefit of all I will explain in lesson 3 so there is no lesson 5 today go through lesson 3 again and do today’s exercise.

As I said yesterday that I have thousands of people signed up and many people are emailing me asking when will they be added to the groups, I was so busy with the WhatsApp server and the website I couldn’t add many people to the groups, to add people to the groups I need some time so for next two days there will be no lessons, the lessons will resume on Friday again.

Next two days is for revision, so revise what you’ve learnt.

I hope you brothers and sisters will understand.

Here is the link for lesson 3 again:

Click to access arabic_grammar_lesson_03.pdf

Here is the link for today’s exercise.

Click to access exercise_two.pdf

Password: ilm4deen

Shaykh Azizul Hoque

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