Review – The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto

Title: The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto  savvy-muslim-youth-manifesto-cover-1880x2500

Author: Amina Edota

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As far as manifestos go, the Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto is one of a kind. It’s not full of the bold promises that never materialise in manifestos devised by political parties. Nor is it full of exaggerated claims and boastfulness found in manifestos of large organisations and companies. Rather it has within it gems from the Qur’an and Sunnah and practical tips to help navigate the personal and social spheres of our lives.

The 11 point Manifesto covers topics that range from being a True Servant of Allah and Life Long Learning to Managing Your Time and Involving Yourself in the Community. Written in an easy and readable language, the Manifesto is designed to empower us to live with purpose, passion, purity, patience, persistence, positivity and inner peace. It is designed as a guide to teach us how to live a productive and purposeful life.

The thing that I found most useful in the Manifesto were the Do-It-Yourself checklists at the end of each section. They provide practical steps on how to implement the Manifesto Points in your daily life. For example the Do-It-Yourself checklist at the end of the section on ‘Master Your Emotions’ includes Keeping a Gratitude and Positivity Journal to:

  • Reflect and record three things that you are grateful for every day

  • To capture positive thoughts, emotions and experiences throughout the day

  • Verbalise your gratitude by saying a heartfelt Alhamdu Lillah for the big and small blessings in life

Each Manifesto Point is followed by a similar checklist of practical actions that you can take to achieve the Manifesto goals. By applying these Manifesto gaols we are challenged to become the ‘Ambassadors of Islam’ on this Earth.

The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto is full of useful advice and guidance that the youth (those under 40) can use to become better Muslims and true ‘Ambassadors of Islam’. I would encourage everyone to get hold of a copy and use it as a practical guide to empower yourself to do better and to be better and to fulfil your potential in this life.

The Savvy Muslim Youth Manifesto compliments some of the work that I have been doing via this blog to promote activeness within the youth in our communities, like the following two posts that I wrote a few years ago:

You can purchase the guide from the link below. I believe it is currently in electronic format only but I would encourage the publishers to make available a print version also.

I wish Amina and the team at YouthlyHub all the success in everything that they do. Keep up the good work!

Abu Zaynah

22 December 2016