Review – The Crowning Venture


The Crowning Venture 

by Hafiza Saadia Mian

Published by Daybreak Press

Have you ever thought about venturing into the Qur’an and to memorise it whole or in part? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have this Majestic Book stored in your chest, ready to guide you whenever you need it? Have you ever contemplated the Tawfiq that comes with committing the Book of Allah to memory? Have you ever wondered what it takes to become a Hafiza of the Qur’an?

The Crowning Venture by Hafiza Saadia Mian answers these and many more questions around memorising the Qur’an as a Muslimah in the modern context.

The book takes us through Saadia’s own, very personal journey in committing the Qur’an to memory along with stories and anecdotes from a dozen others, all women, who have taken the same journey in their own unique way.

The book is filled with tips and encouragement for those who wish to take up the challenge of memorising the Qur’an from those that have completed the challenge before them.

The book also deals with the negative attitudes among some within our community towards women that commit themselves to the memorisation of the Qur’an and sadly mentions two particular stories where women that wanted to memorise the Book of Allah were discouraged from doing so and as such were not able to complete their dream of becoming Hafizas of the Qur’an.

On the whole the book is full of stories, anecdotes, encouragement, sometimes humour and other times seriousness from women that have taken the path to memorising the Qur’an.

The book has examples of women that started their journey in their childhood to those that started memorising at the age of 60 or 70. It has examples of women who memorised only a few pages a day to superstars that managed to commit to memory 30 or 40 pages of the Qur’an a day!

This book is a a must read for anyone looking to redevelop their relationship with the Qur’an and are looking for inspirational and motivational real life stories to help them along the way.

It is also a must read for anyone looking to take up the challenge of memorising the book of Allah and is full of useful tips and guidance on how to fulfil this goal.

May Allah bless and reward Hafiza Saadia Mian for writing this great book and bringing these amazing stories to us.

Abu Zaynah