BEWARE: Crypto and Bitcoin Scams

Hello Friends, 

Peace be with you. 

I wanted to share the following. 

With the recent boom in crypto currency values and crypto currency trading, there is also an increase in crypto currency scams and theft. 

Please be extra extra cautious when trading your bitcoin or other crypto currencies and research the platforms that you use especially carefully. 

Recently I have come to know of victims to a cyber scam from the following websites: 

The scam websites are very good at making themselves look legitimate and even seemed to clone company name, addresses and registration details of other companies to use on their site. 

Please please please under no circumstances use the above sites to exchange your coins. 

If you have been a victim of this scam please report it to the authorities and have the website closed down so that others can not be victims of the same crime. 

If anyone has any further details on this scam or know who this is then please get in touch. 

Also if you know how people can get their coins back from such scammers then please feel free to share this information. 

Stay safe

Abu Zaynah