Homeschooling Gem 2: Curriculum is like a  chicken!

Insha Allah in the following short series we will be sharing teaching gems for homeschoolers by Br. Abdul Rakib who is a secondary school teacher by profession.

Homeschooling Gem 2: Curriculum is like a  chicken!

The curriculum is a legal document set out by the government and and issued by law and that you must follow.

I use the analogy that curriculum is like chicken. The student (your child) has to eat the chicken but it’s up to you how you want to serve it. Whether it be in the form of fried chicken, chicken curry or boring boiled chicken.

This is where major educational companies like Pearson take the curriculum and design their own books and teaching materials and charge us for it.

Take away:

As a homeschooling parent you have the autonomy to teach the curriculum with your own twist. 

E.g Curriculum says your child has to know the features/adaptations of a leaf that help it carry out its function/job.

You can just get your child to read it in a boring traditional way and then answer question about it.

Or you can be creative and get your child to produce a Crosstitch poem about the adaptations of a leaf.

This will make a great difference to your child’s learning experience. So be creative to your approach.

Creating/and construction are higher order skills that will push your child’s ability so next time you want to stretch and challenge then – urge them to create something.

E.g – make an advertisement promoting Shakespeare’s Macbeth play.


Abdul Rakib