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Homeschooling Gem 1: Start with the end in mind.

Insha Allah in the following short series we will be sharing teaching gems for homeschoolers by Br. Abdul Rakib who is a secondary school teacher by profession.

Homeschooling Gem 1: Start with the end in mind.

By Br. Abdul Rakib

Just like our Deen we should always plan a lesson with the end in mind. ‏Where will you like your child to be in terms of development and skills by the end of the lesson (i.e what they should know and be able to do e.g they should be able to complete a long division by going over the steps in the correct manner).

And with this end goal in mind, you as a parent/teacher will put together activities that will allow your child to navigate from A to B.

What is the child going to gain by the end of the lesson? Hence, with the end in mind the whole lesson should be planned so that the child can reach those goals or outcomes for the lesson.

Example:You can’t ask a student to write a paragraph unless he knows how to write a sentence.


Abdul Rakib