3 thoughts on “Islamopedia Ramadan 1429 (2008) Timetable for London”

  1. I believe the above Calander is based on the Hanafi method of calculating the prayer times and therefore you will notice a difference in the beginning time of Fajr (when fasting begins) and also in the Time for ‘Asr which is much later than the Central Mosque.

    I believe this is a valid ikhtilaf in the timings and your fast is valid whichever timetable you follow.

    Was Salam


  2. Asalaam O Alaikum!

    All Brothers and Sisters!

    Please be very careful in choosing the RAMADAN TIMETABLE. The one issued by Islamopedia is not correct as compared to London Central Mosque’s.

    Here is the proof.

    On 1st Ramadan, Monday 1st September, Islamopedia’s calendar says that fast begins at 04.27am whereas London Central Mosque says 4.00am. Also, Islamopedia is based in East London (E7) as opposed to London Central Mosque which is based in North West London (NW8). So again, geographically fast in East London should begin earlier than in North West London.

    I will talk to the administration of Islamopedia tomorrow and discuss this matter personally with them, while I will request you all to use a more authentic timetable on the following website:

    Click to access Ramadan-Timetable-2008.pdf

    The month of Ramadan comes only once every year. Please dont let its blessings go astray.

    Anyone offended from this message can email me on vahajahmed@gmail.com. I felt the responsibility to awaken you all so did it.


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