Fighting for a Cause – What’s Yours?

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,


I remember watching Imam Zaid Shakir at one of the GPU events on telly a while back. One of the things that he said, which has clung to my mind ever since, is that we should all find a good cause that we believe in and then fight/campaign/work for that cause and dedicate our lives to it. This is one way to have an impact on the society that you live in and also show non-muslims that we don’t only fight for muslim causes but causes that affect humanity in general.


Ever since hearing that talk I have tried to find a cause that I can sign up to, but am finding it hard to decide or find one that I can truly dedicate my time to.


I would love to hear what causes others are involved in and the benefits of getting involved. Causes can range anything from reducing poverty to fighting crime and disorder to educating the youth and so on.


Please help me by listing the various causes I and others can get involved in to help the community and society at large.


Hope that makes sense.


Was Salam