6 thoughts on “Who are the Disbelievers – Shaykh Hamza Yusuf”

  1. Bismillah…

    Assalamualaikum wa Rahmatullah…

    Sorry Sidi r1, but I dont understand the point you are making.

    Please enlighten us as to what was you found problematic…

    Shaykh Hamza was not implying that Kufr did not exist, he simply stated its definition as the scholars have understood it…

    If you believe any of his points are false, please enlighten us with your opinion. If not, there is no benefit in simply mentioning it is apologetic without evidence, proof or a reason.

    As for a stated position, it is foolish to seek it when, as the article demonstrated, the scholars themselves differed over this. This necessitates thorough understanding of these varying definitions and classifications which may have been one of the purposes behind the article.

    You mention that religion based on theories are doomed to fail. What do you mean by theories? If you mean speculation or conjecture (Dhann) or lack of clarity, then your statement is correct. However, what is the relevance of that to this case. For your information, there are Usul which the religion is based on and these are Qat’i, other aspects are considered Furu’ and are subject to the interpretations of those qualified, hence are Dhanni. A knowledgeable person may wish to correct me if I am wrong. If, by theories, you mean lack of action, this is certainly not the case. You either base your actions on sound theory i.e. what the scholars have understood from revelation, which is what the Shaykh was expounding upon; or you base your actions on what you understand, which is likely to be mistaken, over simplified or something of that nature. This is where the importance of theory is derived, hence the article of the Shaykh…

    Please keep me in your duas,



  2. If your implying, which you obviously are, that Sheikh Hamza and his like are creating a theoretical based religion then I suggest you go and read some of the works he has translated. Purification of the Heart would be a start and I can assure that most certainly isn’t simply theory. As for not giving a stated position on anything why don’t you go back and read that article properly. He is giving a very clear position of the term kafir according to the scholars he deems are worthy of being followed. That may well not be the stated position you want to hear but don’t make baseless claims without understanding what one is trying to convey.

  3. Perhaps you should watch his old lectures, where he uses the term kafir more specifically, but then again that was the pre 9/11 yusuf.

    to burhan, not many people ‘gibly toss around the term kafir’ some on the other hand pretend it doesn’t exist.

    Some scholars can’t give a stated position on anything instead they try to make everything ‘theoretical’
    a religion based on just theories is doomed to fail.

  4. Those who glibly toss around the term “kafir” are generally arrogant people who have no interest in dawah.

  5. The reason why you think he’s being apologetic r1 is due to the fact that we have Muslims who love to brandish that term to everyone who isn’t a Muslim and in the most derogatory manner, as if the non-Muslim is less of a human being in some way. You may call it apologetic on Sheikh Hamza’s behalf but he is reminding us about the true nature of the term or maybe perhaps you can enlighten us better then he has. Thought not!


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