Maryam Bint Bwayba (May Allah Bless Her Soul)


Please pray for the wife of Shaykh Murabit Al-Hajj, Maryam Bint Bwayba, who  passed away last Sunday. The following is an article by Shaykh Hamza Yusuf about his journey to Mauritania and his encounter with this ‘mother of the believers’:

“During my time there, I came to know Maryam as this noble and joyful woman, especially her nurturing nature. At one point, I became severely ill from the endemic malarial fevers in Mauritania, and Maryam took motherly care of me. One day I remarked that I was used to eating vegetables and that their diet of milk and couscous, with some cooked dried meat, was hard on me. Maryam immediately began giving me dates everyday before the meal and also asked some of the Harateen to plant carrots for me. Soon, she began preparing small cooked carrots and serving them with my meals.”

Read more at:

Was Salam


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