Discuss – War in Sri Lanka

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

I’ve been reading about the War in Sri Lanka in the papers and web, not that there is that much coverage of it, and was just wondering shouldn’t we as Muslims have a stance and view on it? And also should we not help in the protest against the War?

Lots of innocent people dying and the world sits and watches in silence, as usual!

At least the Muslim aid organisations are helping out in the relief work:




4 thoughts on “Discuss – War in Sri Lanka”

  1. I understand your position and concern. The situation is very complicated for non-sri lankan to understand. The simple reason being, it is not covered in the media for a long long time until terrorists faced their endgame. They masters of the modern communication and they manipulaing the western media to save their leaders.

    I am a Sri Lankan muslim living in UK for a long time. I know many muslims who suffered under them. Muslim’s enmity to them is only second to yahudis. The operate under deception. When they used to kill others, they never accept responsibility and keept quiet. Sometimes, they put the blame on the other people. To some one living outside, this makes very verify anything they say. If you dig deep into this deep, you might find some info on how killed around 200 muslims when they are making sujud during a Jummah salah in a village called Kattankudy. As some one who was indirectly affected, I have very little sympathy for their leaders.

  2. I must admit my knowledge on the conflict and the region is very limited. Just seeing the conflict in the news and the death of the civillians made me question what we can do to help.

  3. Just do not get me wrong. People of sri lanka need help. Espcially, muslims who driven by tamil tigers who were living paltry conditions for 15years. Govt. settled them in unhabitated areas. Now, these areas have become small towns and I know of many muslim charities working there.

  4. As a muslim should I care about the so called tamil rebels who within 24 within hours ethnically cleansed (100% cleaning) all muslims in the north. The most frustating thing is that it was not newsworthy. None of the international media covered that story. Now these people have started to shout because their leaders being cornered. Brother, killing is going on nearly thirty years. Most of time, tamils had a upperhand and most suffered were muslims in north and east and sinhalese.

    I feel sorry about the tamil civilians caught up in the situation. Brother, I do not believe some stories in the media and numbers quoted. You can Google earth and see if there are any buildings or houses in the reported here. But, now around those areas (around 10sqm) , 10000 people are kept. People should wonder how they come to these areas. There are basically brought neighbouring big cities to protect their leaders (human shield) and ceasefire is not going acheive anything.

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