GCRG | Canopus Consulting | The New Mardin Declaration (Fatwa)

The Global Centre for Renewal and Guidance (GCRG) in association with Canopus Consulting held a meeting of religious scholars in Turkey to issue a Fatwa against the use of violence and terrorism. More details below:

“During the last weekend of March 2010, a prominent group of Muslim academics, scholars and theologians from across the Muslim world convened in the historical city of Mardin to discuss the implications of the “Mardin” fatwa (legal edict) penned by the Hanbalite Shaykh al-Islam, Taqi al-Din Ahmed bin Abd al-Halim ibn Taymiyya (d. 1328) in particular, and the rules of writing and understanding legal edicts in general. The conference closed with the signing of a New Mardin Declaration, that among other things, urged the faithful to live up to Islam’s high moral and ethical values, condemned in the strongest terms the vigilantism of radicals and urged all to foster greater peace and conviviality.”





Was Salam


2 thoughts on “GCRG | Canopus Consulting | The New Mardin Declaration (Fatwa)”

  1. Just read a very interesting article by Yahya Michot on the conference. All I’ll say is it’s a massacre and not much of the Mardin Conference is left in the aftermath. Article can be found in The Muslim World, April 2011.

  2. It would perhaps be useful, islamicaly correct, and intellectually honest, to mention somewhere that Ibn Taymiyya’s Mardin fatwa was translated and studied thoroughly, a few years before this meeting in Mardin, by Prof. Yahya Michot, both in French and in English. See his :
    – IBN TAYMIYYA. Mardin : Hégire, fuite du péché et « demeure de l’Islam ». Textes traduits de l’arabe, annotés et présentés en relation à certains textes modernes. Préface de James PISCATORI, « Fetwas d’Ibn Taymiyya, 4 », Beyrouth, Albouraq, 1425/2004, XII & 176 p. – ISBN 2-84161-255-4.

    – IBN TAYMIYYA. Muslims under Non-Muslim Rule. Ibn Taymiyya on fleeing from sin, kinds of emigration, the status of Mardin (domain of peace/war, domain composite), the conditions for challenging power. Texts translated, annotated and presented in relation to six modern readings of the Mardin fatwa. Foreword by J. PISCATORI, Oxford-London: Interface Publications, Dec. 2006, xviii & 190 p. – ISBN 978-0-9554545-6-1.

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