Letter to a Would be Mujahid

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

Please find below excerpt from Imam Zaid Shakir’s ‘Letter to a Would be Mujahid’.

“Along those lines, please allow me to remind you of something else. Your misguided attempts to kill and maim innocent Americans only make it easier for the American military to kill more Muslims with greater impunity. Your actions help to create a political climate that removes any moral restraint from the actions of the American military, the IDF and soon the forces of India’s increasingly Hindu nationalist armed forces. You see, fear is a very potent emotion and when it is carefully manipulated it can lead to very irrational politics. That most extreme form of those politics is called genocide.”

[Imam Zaid Shakir – Letter to a Would be Mujahid]

( http://www.newislamicdirections.com/nid/notes/letter_to_a_would-be_mujahid )

I found it to be an eye opener, especially the parts about how the FBI and CIA are encouraging/creating these Mujahideen in order to be able to justify their presence in the Muslim Lands and to vilify Islam and the Muslims.

Please have a read and forward to others.

Was Salam


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