Ayeina Official – Gratitude Art Contest (in partnership with MiniExchange)

contest final

Ayeina Official are holding a FREE to enter Gratitude Art Contest (in partnership with MiniExchange). This is an extension of our Instagram exclusive ‘AlhamdulillahForSeries‘.

Alhamdulillah is a phrase Muslims use to show gratitude towards their Creator. Creator of everything and everyone. The main purpose behind this series is to instill the attitude of gratitude and promote joy in general. Happiness is contagious so spread it far with your art.

Simple Steps to Enter:

1: Draw/design/photograph/ illustrate GRATITUDE – whatever you are grateful for. The art genre is open. Be creative. Pick up any medium of art. Highlight a unique side of gratitude. Things that few people think of when they talk about being thankful. Don’t draw your children, spouse, parents etc. No faces. Look at our Instagram Series to get an idea of what we are looking for.

2: Send us your art entry (through Email, Facebook, Instagram etc.)*. Subscribe to Ayeina and MiniExchange, Like their Facebook pages and Follow them on Instagram (optional – this won’t affect your chances of winning).

3: Tell us what will you buy from Miniexchange if you win the contest.

4: Wait for the awesomeness to unfold.

*How to Enter:

1. Email entries:

If sending an email is more convenient for you then send us your entries to submissions@ayeina.com
Preferably a scanned version if you choose to work on pages. But a picture would do as well. We will put all the entries on our Facebook page.

2. Facebook entries:

You can also send in your entries via Facebook message.

3. Instagram entries:

If you are entering the contest through Instagram, then either DM(Direct Message) us or simply tag @ayeina_official and @miniexchange. Hashtag your entry with #gratitudeartcontest, #miniexchange #ayeina_official – so everyone can browse through the entries submitted. Please make sure to use all three hashtags otherwise your entry may not be received.

What NOT to Enter:

Please do not submit obscene or offensive (racially, religiously or sexually) art or images with faces of animate beings (that’s how we roll).
Entries that are incomplete or do not adhere to the rules or specifications will be disqualified. You may enter as many submissions as you wish. Though, one person cannot win both prizes.

Campaign Period:

Entries will be accepted online starting from 1st December 2015 to 31st December 2015. All online entries must be received within this time period.


The prizes are divided into two categories – First prize is open worldwide (UAE included) while second prize is UAE exclusive.

First and second winner of the Campaign will receive 150 AED and 100 AED vouchers from MiniExchange respectively which could be redeemed within 30 days.

Convert the currency according to where you live. Winners can buy anything they wish from the site using the voucher at checkout. Shipping will be free of cost. No cash or other prize substitution shall be given in replacement. Winner can add the voucher amount to a higher priced product he/she may like to order. Winner will only be paying the difference.

Best five entries will also receive a certificate.

More details at: http://ayeina.com/gratitude-art-contest/