Letter to MP around Covid-19 Hospital Treatment

Below is my letter to my local MP asking about some of the horrific stories coming out of hospitals around the treatment of certain Covid-19 patients.

If you’re seeing similar stories where you are then please raise this with the relevant authorities.

Dear Rushanara Ali,

I hope that you are well during these difficult times.

I am not sure if anyone else has written to you on this subject, but I would like to write to you about some of the horrific stories that are circulating on social media about the treatment of certain Covid-19 patients and how they are just left to die in hospital beds without being cared for nor given any treatment.

In the last week or two I have read countless stories of people who’s family members were taken into hospital with suspected Covid-19 and they were just left in a hospital bed to die because there was nothing the hospital could do for them.

In some cases patients were not given any oxygen or other forms of treatment, they were seldom checked upon by nurses and doctors, and were left just to drift away and die.

Family members write of how they left their loved ones doing ok and conscious and talking and then as soon as they are out of sight they get the dreadful call stating that the patient had deteriorated and is at the end of life stages.

It would seems that some patients as they enter the hospitals are risk assessed as low or nil chance of survival and therefore are not given the chance to fight the virus or put on a proper treatment plan. They seem to be written off before they’re even given a chance to fight the disease.

I appreciate that I am reading these stories on social media and therefore do not have the first hand accounts of what has happened and nor do I have the hospitals side to the stories. However, just the sheer number of stories circulating at present would suggest that something is not right.

Please are you able to raise an enquiry with the government to a) investigate the cases circulating on social media but more importantly b) re-assure us that patients aren’t just being side lined and not treated and that everyone is getting a fair chance to fight and conquer this deadly virus.

Can we also ensure that patients that are in hospital are allowed at least one person to stay with them as its traumatic as it is having to spend this time alone not knowing whether you will live to see your loved ones again or not.

Surely we can just isolate that one accompanying person with the patient and ensure that they don’t leave or go anywhere whilst they are with that patient?

I am terrified at the moment that should something happen to a family member or loved one that I would actually be afraid to send them to the hospital because of the stories I am reading.

I would be extremely grateful if you could look into this matter and get back to me as soon as practically possible.

Wishing you and your family well.

Yours faithfully,

Abu Zaynah 

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