Islamopedia Books – New Title Added ‘The Legacy: A Spiritual Journey to God’

‘The Legacy – A Spiritual Journey to God’ is a biographical work on Islamic scholars including their sayings, advices and sanads. It includes notes on The Four Companions, The Four Imams, and Scholars from our heritage such as Hasan Al Basri, Junayd Al Baghdadi, Imam Al Nawawi and many others.

From the Author:

“This book, ‘The Legacy – A Spiritual Journey to God’, contains sayings, experiences and examples of the efforts and spirit in which the companions, scholars and saints who came after Muhammad (SAW) received, lived and passed over the knowledge of the way of life (Islam). It focuses on what they (the scholars) said, how they treated people, what they documented and what they experienced. This is our history and I felt it extremely important that we strive to preserve it by making notes, writing books or speaking about it to our friends and families. Some of these scholars compiled excellent works and in this book, you, the reader will find examples of how they understood what Muhammad (SAW) taught his companions, how they interpreted ahadith (sayings of Muhammad (SAW)), how much hope they gave to others and how they embraced the Spirit in Islam.”

The Author:

Muhammad Allie Khalfe is currently a teacher at the Qiraatul Qur’an Institute in Cape Town, South Africa. His is a student of Shaykh’s Ahmed and Siraj Hendricks and is the author of The Sprit of Islam.

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