SKL: Sacred Knowledge Locator – Request for Information

Assalamu ‘Alaikum,


This is a request to all brothers and sisters in the UK who are involved in organising or participate in ‘circles on sacred knowledge’ to help us build a database of all the activities that are taking place across the country.


Please e-mail brother Rifat Sheikh on with details of the various Halaqas in your area or alternatively post the details on this page via the comments box and I will get it uploaded onto the database.


The information required is as follows:


1)       The Location: Town and Area e.g London, Barking

2)       Venue: Masjid, Community Centre, House

3)       Frequency: Weekly, Monthly, what days etc

4)       Topics covered:

5)       Teachers:

6)       Groups or organisations involved in organising the Halaqa:

7)       No. of brothers and sisters participating, and also no. of the brothers and sisters involved in organising the Halqa:

8)     Any other relevant information


Please do note that the Halaqas must be run by a Shaykh/Shaykha with Ijaza’s or students with Ijaza to teach from the respective Shaykh or Shaykha.


Please see the following for more details about how this initiative came about:


If there are any comments or suggestions please feel free to leave a comment below.


Was Salam



2 thoughts on “SKL: Sacred Knowledge Locator – Request for Information”

  1. I believe this is fine brother Abu Ali. I have amended the above request for information to reflect this. Thank you for your comment.

    Was Salam


  2. Assalamu Alaikum,

    Just a small note. Not all halaqas are run by Shaykhs/Shaykhas with Ijazas. Some are run by students of knowledge who have ijaza from their teachers to teach certain books.

    wa salam

    Abu Ali

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