The Return of the Sun – The Truth About Jesus (PBUH)



The Return of the Sun

On Christmas and the Truth about Jesus (PBUH)


The Return of the Sun


  • What does it refer to? – The Winter Solstice and the days getting longer
  • The religion of Europe prior to Christianity – Paganism
  • When the Christians came to Europe, they adopted the timings of these pagan rituals to promote and make Christianity acceptable to the local population.
  • As a result the Winter Solstice that was practised by the pagans at the end of December to welcome the sun and the days getting longer was Christianised into Christmas to celebrate the birth of Jesus (PBUH)
  • To Christians Christmas marks the birth of Jesus (PBUH) but everyone (even the Christians know) that Jesus was not born in December.
  • The Return of the Sun signifies the rising of the sun higher and the days getting longer and the coming of spring. Celebrate the coming of spring.


The Birth and First Life of Jesus (PBUH)


  • A bit of background into Maryam:

Who was her mother: Hanna

Who was her father: Imran

Why was she special: Hanna’s vow to dedicate child to temple

Who were the other Prophets in her time: Zakariyyah and Yahya

  • Maryam gets news and glad tidings from Angel
  • The birth of Jesus (PBUH) outside the city by the tree trunk
  • First Miracle – Jesus (PBUH) talks as a baby. Jesus grows up to be a prophet.
  • Jesus (PBUH) was known for his miracles of which the following are mentioned in the Qur’an:
    1. Spoke as a child.
    2. Made birds of clay and blew into them and they came alive.
    3. Healed the blind and the lepers.
    4. Table of food from heaven was sent down for him and his disciples.
    5. Bringing the dead back to life – 3 were in his lifetime so they asked him to raise the son of Nuh, who had grey hair. They asked ‘how?’ and he replied ‘I thought the day of Judgement had come and out of fear of it my hair had turned grey’.
  • Jesus (PBUH) confirmed his preaching and the higher classes among the Jews were angry and worried that Jesus’ (PBUH) success would bring down their downfall so they plotted against him to the point where they convinced the Roman leaders to execute/crucify him.
  • Allah raises Jesus (PBUH) to the heavens and someone else is crucified in his place.


The Second Coming of Jesus (PBUH)


  • Jesus (PBUH) is currently in heaven waiting for the command of Allah when he will be sent down to the earth once again at the end of time.
  • Returns in Damascus at fajr time during the time of the Mahdi.
  • Kills the Dajjal
  • Peace prevails and everyone is Muslim. No wars.
  • Animals and humans live in harmony.
  • The release of Gog and Magog and the Dua of Jesus (PBUH) that kills them.
  • 40 year reign and natural death.
  • In his second coming Jesus (PBUH) comes as a normal person, and not a Prophet, and will follow the Prophethood of Muhammad (SAW).


Lessons from the life of Jesus (PBUH)


  • Life of simplicity and doing without.
  • Concern for the hereafter and not this world.
  • Struggle, sacrifice and patience at times of hardship
  • Kindness to parents
  • Dealing with abuse and disobedience




Once someone asked Jesus (PBUH), ‘How are you able to walk on water?’ Jesus (PBUH) replied ‘With certainty’. Then someone said ‘But we also have certainty’. Jesus (PBUH) then asked them, ‘Are stone, clay and gold equal in your eyes?’ They replied, ‘certainly not!’ Jesus (PBUH) responded, ‘They are in mine’.



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