Quotes from Man and the Universe: An Islamic Perspective by Dr Mostafa Al Badawi

I have just completed reading Dr Mostafa Al Badawi’s Man and the Universe: An Islamic Perspective. As I was reading I took out a series of potent and piercing quotes that I posted on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have compiled and listed all of these quotes below under one post for easy reading [Apologies as I didn’t note down the page numbers as I went on].

‘How accurately this describes the Muslims of today: insignificant, weightless, carried by the tides of the times, lacking the moral fibre to accomplish whatever is required, jumping enthusiastically down every lizard hole that the non-believers care to dig for them.’

‘Western civilisation is the inevitable last stage in human degeneracy. The downward trend has been progressing for thousands of years, but its acceleration has now become insane.’

‘People are mentally imprisoned in the tangible world and this is precisely the dimension that the Imposter (Dajjal) will be able to master and he shall show them such wonders in that they will readily accept whatever claims he shall wish to make.’

‘The norm in Islam is thus the Sunna of the Prophet, may God’s blessings be upon him, and that of the Companions and Followers. The Sunna represents the very perfection of human behaviour and anything less than that is considered abnormal.’

‘Spiritual courage is to wage war against one’s egotism and to resist ones appetites.’

‘A good recent example of how Muslims wage war is Bosnia. The Bosnian Muslims were massacred, buried in mass graves, tortured, starved in concentration camps, and their women were raped. They never retaliated in kind. None of the war criminals under trial are Muslim. The Bosnians, being a traditional Sunni, Hanafi community, knew instinctively that to behave like animals meant relinquishing the honour of belonging to the community of Muhammad, may God’s blessings and peace be upon him.’

I would recommend the above book to anyone who would like to get a general perspective of the Islamic World View as the book is short, succinct and provides a good overview. 

Was Salam

Abu Zaynah


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