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What my child is NOT missing out on by NOT being in School



Dear non-home schooling parents,

What my child is NOT missing out on by NOT being in School

Despite the evidence to suggest that later schooling is better for children than starting school early and the evidence to show that home educated children do better in their studies compared to their school attending counterparts, as a home schooling parent we still encounter the odd remark from fellow parents asking “is your child not missing out on [fill in your own blanks] by not going to school?”

To those non-home schooling parents: Thank you for taking an interest in my child’s education. Please find below a list of things that my child is not missing out on by not being in school.

  • My child is not missing out on the widespread bullying that is currently plaguing inner city schools, to the point that it is beginning to cost young people their lives.
  • My child is not missing out on the immense pressure placed on young children to learn complex spelling and arithmetic at such a young age, when they’re little brains are still developing.
  • My child is not missing out on the factory style teaching that is focused solely on test results and league tables that it takes away the human element of teaching good character, a moral outlook and the passing down of knowledge as opposed to just teaching information
  • My child is not subjected to the immense peer pressure in schools to look and dress a certain way, to take up smoking / drugs, to have the latest gadgets and games, and to be part of a clique or a gang, to name just a few.
  • My child is not missing out on the extraordinary amount of homework that young children are given even after having spent a full day of learning in school.
  • My child is not missing out on having to learn at a set pace set by the curriculum and the teachers. My child is able to learn and develop at their own pace, which is much better for their over all development.
  • My child is not missing out on socialisation. Socialisation happens everywhere, not just in schools.
  • My child is not missing out on not being able to see their Mum and Dad for long hours of the day, sometimes ranging from 8:30am – 6:30pm for households where both parents have full time jobs.
  • My child is not missing out on having to take holidays in peak holiday seasons when holiday prices are rocket high, only because their school will not allow them discretionary leave for family holidays during term time.
  • Most of important of all, my child is not missing out on being just that … a child. Children are meant to be children. These days children are not given the chance to be themselves. Let them be their own little person. Let them enjoy their childhood before they enter the high pressured environment of schools.

homeschooling-will-my-kids-miss-outThere are many good reasons why some parents choose not to send their children to school ranging from medical reasons to religious / cultural reasons. Please try to understand those reasons before you decide to judge us.

There are well over 36,000 children in the UK that are home educated and this number is steadily rising as people realise the benefits of home education verses conventional schooling.

Just as it is you prerogative to send your child to a mainstream school or a private school, it is our prerogative to home educate our child.

Wishing you all the best.

Yours Truly,


Umm and Abu Zaynah

Home Schooling Parents

Hamlets Family Free School

Hamlets Family Free School


Assalamu ‘Alaikum,

A brother I know is involved with the set up of the above project which is looking to start up a free Islamic Ethos School in Tower Hamlets and has asked if we could lend a helping hand in supporting this cause.

There is no monetary commitment required at this stage, just a signature on the petition below.

I have copied and pasted the text he sent us below:

Help promote/muster support for our application to open an Islamic Ethos Free School in Tower Hamlets. Although cleche’, we are aiming to open a school which will offer the best of both worlds; the financial stability and quality assurance from the state aswell as the moral and theological grounding from the deen. Imagine a state funded school where all pupils pray Jumua, morning assembly and registration begins with Bismillah and verses from the Quran/Prophetic statements; gender segregation in PE and PSHE; RE which covers Islamic theology; History which encompasses the contribution of the Muslim empires. Early morning breakfast club where pupils can learn Hifz, additional afterschool classes where pupils have extended Islamic study. Discipline, good manners and speech, behaviour and conduct from staff which supports the Islamic view, Umrah trips and trips to the Muslim word. Arabic langauge will be available for all pupils from primary school till the end of post 16! This is my image of Hamlets Free School.

What’s needed?

1. Anyone and everyone to sign our onlione petition:

2. Parents with children to register online

This is a unique project which requires NO MONEY at all whatsoever and where the petition and online application will have an immediate impact on the success/failure of the school.

Please put your names down and support this wonderful initiative.

Was Salam


Educating Muslim Children in the UK

Assalamu ‘Alaikum

Following on from my post on Muslim Dads Facebook page I would like to carry out a brief poll on how Muslim Parents are educating their children. The poll is to measure the main method of teaching the national curriculum and is not asking about after school arabic lessons, or lessons at home etc. That is a different topic and may be discussed on another thread in the future.

I would be grateful if you could answer the brief survey above. I am happy for you to leave comments below if you wish to discuss further.

Jazakum Allahu Khair

Was Salam

Abu Zaynah