Ramadan 2017 Day #28

Assalamu Alaykum,

This Ramadan I would like to share a brief post with you every day asking you to do three things in the day as part of our 30 Day Ramadan challenge.

  1. The first will be a ‘Deed of the Day’ highlighting a different deed that you can do each day.
  2. The second will highlight a specific Prophetic Food that you can eat to incorporate a Sunnah Food item in your diet.
  3. The final will be a charity spotlight recommending a specific charity for you to donate a small sum to in order to support their work.

Let us begin below the actions for Day #28 bi’iznillah

Deed of the Day: Avoid Doing Bad Deeds Whilst Fasting

“Perhaps a fasting person will get nothing from his fast except hunger and thirst, and perhaps a person who prays during the night will get nothing from his prayer except sleeplessness.” [Related by Imam Ahmad and Ibn Majah]

Prophetic Food of the Day: Watermelon

A’isha (RA) reports that, “The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) ate watermelon with fresh dates.” [Related by Al-Tirmidhi]

Charity Spotlight: Muslim Aid

Working in over 70 countries across Africa, Asia and Europe, Muslim Aid is striving to help the poor overcome the suffering endured due to natural disasters and lack of life’s basic necessities.

We work with all in need, regardless of their race, religion, gender, nationality or political opinion.

Whilst responding to emergencies is one of our major priorities, we also work on strategic programmes to eliminate poverty that focus upon:

  • Education
  • Skills training
  • Provision of clean water
  • Healthcare
  • Income generation projects

These projects ensure that individuals can have access to basic necessities and the skills necessary to generate an income so that they are not permanently dependent on aid agencies for food and shelter.

You can support their work by donating using the link below:


Lessons from the Qur’an: Juz 28