Ramadan 2017 Day #18

Assalamu Alaykum,

This Ramadan I would like to share a brief post with you every day asking you to do three things in the day as part of our 30 Day Ramadan challenge.

  1. The first will be a ‘Deed of the Day’ highlighting a different deed that you can do each day.
  2. The second will highlight a specific Prophetic Food that you can eat to incorporate a Sunnah Food item in your diet.
  3. The final will be a charity spotlight recommending a specific charity for you to donate a small sum to in order to support their work.

Let us begin below the actions for Day #18 bi’iznillah.

Deed of the Day: Do something to support an Orphan

“The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,” said the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as he held his two fingers together to illustrate. [Sahih Bukhari] 

Prophetic Food of the Day: Milk

‘Surely there is a lesson for you in the cattle. We provide you, out of what lies in their bellies between feces and blood, the (drink of) milk, pure and pleasant for those who drink.’ [Qur’an 16:66]

Charity Spotlight: Eden Care

Increasing number of people are becoming terminally ill, put in care and reaching end of life. Black, Minority and Ethnic (BME) communities that once enjoyed strong family bonds are increasingly suffering alone despite receiving care and treatment. Traditional extended families are becoming strained due to younger generations becoming busy with work, education or complex nature of ill health of their loved ones. Often the sick and elderly are left alone in institutions or home.

Medical practitioners often give priority to clinical care and most institutions are not familiar or have the resources to provide care to accommodate the patient’s cultural, spiritual and social needs.  Eden Care UK will engage the service users in a culturally inclusive and religious sensitive manner to increase and enhance their quality of life through friendship and advocacy. Our services are for young people and adults who are terminally ill or reaching end of life.

Our volunteers reach out to needy individuals regardless of their background and help support them during the time of their need. We support needy individuals by providing specialised support, advocacy and befriending services, free of cost.

You can support the project by donating using the link below:


Lessons from the Qur’an: Juz 18