Confessions of a Serial Cheater VII – Confession

-and those who, when they happen to commit a shameful act or wrong themselves, remember Allah, then, seek forgiveness for their sins-and who is there to forgive sins except Allah?-and do not persist in what they have done, knowingly.

[Qur’an 3:135]

Oh Allah I confess to you my sin, even though you are the All Hearing, All Seeing, in the hope that you will help me to get over what I have done. I confess my sin openly Oh Allah, even though I committed it in secret, seeking from you Your Grace and Your Forgiveness.

I have let myself down, but more importantly I have let me family down. I have let my wife down. I have let my children down. I have let down everyone that has shown me any love and compassion. And for this I am truly sorry. Truly, truly sorry!

I have let you down too my Lord by disobeying your commands and prohibitions. I have let you down by letting myself go astray. I have let you down by letting myself down. I am your unworthy servant, seeking to change his ways, Ya Rabb, please will you listen. Listen to the cries of this sinful soul.

I regret this affair oh Allah. I regret it very much. I now realise how wrong and blind I was to be involved in such a relationship, with such a woman, for such a long period of time.

If I was told that I only have one chance of going back in time to change just one aspect of my life, I would go back in time and ensure that I never met this person in my life. My life would have been so much sweeter without her in my life.

I take back what I did, and everything that I said. I take back the Du’as that I made I pray for you to erase this portion of my life from my records.

I promise never ever to go back to this person or this sin ever again. I would rather that you take my soul away, Ya Rabb, than for me to go back to my former ways. It has taken me 15 years to learn this lesson and it’s 15 years too late!

I have lost everything because of what I have done, I have lost everything because of her, and I would never to choose to go back to her again. I have lost my wife. I have lost my children. I have lost my family. I have lost my friends.

My plea to you is this Ya Allah. Have mercy upon me and find a means to forgive me. There may be something good that I have done in my life that was pleasing unto you. Use that as a means to forgive me Ya Rabb.

I also pray for you to forgive my family and bless them in their life in this word and the next. I was not able to give them the happiness that they deserved Ya Rabb, provide them that happiness to them in my place instead.

Bless my wife for the patience that she showed, the hardship that she put up with, and the heartache that she has suffered. I love her dearly and even though I am not able to express this to her anymore, I pray that you will guide and look after and fulfil for her all her hearts desires and wishes.

There is nothing that I would not give to be back in her arms. But I have lost that privilege due to my unfaithfulness.

Bless for me my children, and raise them as strong believers. Not as weak and feeble believers like I have been. Bless them to fulfil their life’s goals, and give me a chance to reunite with them soon in this world.

I will take whatever punishment that you throw my way, I know that I deserve it. But I also know that Your Mercy prevails over Your Wrath and therefore will continue to seek your forgiveness until my last breath.


©Islamopdia – Written anonymously ‘Confessions of a Serial Cheater’ is a collaboration between Islamopedia and others to raise awareness of the issue of infidelity in marriage. Although the characters and the narrative are fictional, the story is based on true events and reflects the pain that many women (and men) have to suffer due to the selfish actions of one partner. The purpose of this series is to stop anyone engaged in such activity before it’s too late and deter anyone thinking of committing such a sin before they fall into it. NB: Anyone having trouble in their relationships should seek professional help from qualified scholars and counsellors.